DigiMAP Charter – Founding Declaration

The following Declaration issued, endorsed and signed at Alliance foundation meeting in Lahore, Pakistan – November 19, 2020. 

We, the representatives of independent online journalism platforms from across Pakistan, gathered in Lahore on November 18-19, 2020, have agreed to join together into a formal association and declare the following DigiMAP charter

  • To support and practice independent online public interest journalism and digital media in Pakistan
  • To strive to be, from across Pakistan, the voice of the voiceless, the deliberately silenced, the often unheard and the regularly ignored.
  • To represent the rights and interests of all the socio-political and economically marginalized communities ignored by the mainstream media.
  • To represent, from the sidelined margins of power, Pakistan’s demographic diversity and pluralisms – including geographic, ethnic, linguist, religious, cultural and class.
  • To promote development and professionalism of the independent online journalism sector and digital media in Pakistan.
  • To be the representative body to safeguard the rights and interests of independent online journalism platforms in Pakistan.

All the following signatory digital media platforms, in alphabetical order, became Founding Members of DigiMAP:

Balochistan 24 – signed by Mr Ghulam Murtaza Zehri


Balochistan Voices – signed by Mr Adnan Aamir


HumSub – signed by Mr Adnan Wahab Khan


IBC Pakistan – signed by Mr Sabookh Syed


Journalism Pakistan – signed by Mr Imran Naeem Ahmad


Native Media – signed by Mr Kashif Baloch, Afshan Masab


Naya Daur – signed by Mr Syed Ali Raza Zaidi


Sabaat – signed by Mr Shahzada Irfan


Sujag – signed by Mr Badar Alam, Mr Tauqeer Mustafa


Tajziat – signed by Mr Muhammad Amir Rana


TheReporters – signed by Ms Shazia Mehboob


Tribal News Network – signed by Mr Tayyeb Afridi


Voicepk – signed by Ms Xari Jalil


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